My YouTube playlist of 20+ lectures and interviews:

  • Audio lecture on “Ethical Naturalism and Social Choice”:

  • FRIBIS Basic Income Workshop (with Karl Widerquist):

  • Liberaaliakatemian sosiaaliturvapaneeli (1/2), feat. Lehto, Ruottinen, Schubak, Törnqvist): (in Finnish)

  • Performing Culture and Breaking Rules (1/2): my presentation at the 10th World Congress of Semiotics, on the evening of the 23rd of September, 2009, in La Coruña, Spain:

  • Keskustelu perustulosta EU:ssa (24. 9.13) (in Finnish):

  • A public lecture “Basic Income in Finland” in Oslo, Norway, in the bookshop “Eldorado”, (November 28, 2015):

  • Lyceum Well Being short clip: The Realistic Utopia of Basic Income (King’s College London 2017)

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