I am a member of the Green Party of Finland and a board member of the Finnish Basic Income Network (BIEN Finland ry), whose secretary I was in 2012-2014, and president 2015-2016.

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My politics could be classified as social liberalism, i.e. a belief in a free market society with minimal, but effective, set of rules to enforce contracts and regulate externalities, protect the environment, and enough taxation to guarantee a healthy safety net for people suffering from misfortune and hardship.

I do not believe in paternalistic legislation. That is why I argue for the deregulation of all voluntary contracts between consenting adults.

On a global level, we should aim for a democratic, open and free society based on free trade and the open exchange of ideas. Global poverty, misery and disease should be eliminated through taxation.

I am also a passionate believer in the equality of opportunity: we need to make proper education and health-care a global human right.

Basic Income, Efficient Regulation and Free Trade are weapons of prosperity for advanced and developing countries in equal measure.


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